What you do and don't get for your buck!

Our stable yard consists of 23 brick stables, 20 of which are used for horses and 3 for storage. We also have a feed room, barn (for all your roughage storage needs!), a tack room and a club house for general use.

Each horse has their own individual paddock, although these have been built in clusters to allow them to socialise with their neighbours. They go out at around 07h30 in summer and 08h15 in winter, and back in at about 16h00. They are fed 2 hard feed meals per day (tailored to your horse’s age and workload) and get 3 large oat hay nets as well (one in the morning, one at lunch and another in the evening).

We have a lungeing ring, large jumping arena, dressage arena and turnout paddock for the use of the livery clients. There is also a show arena, the use of which is restricted to our quarterly shows. There is a wash bay for the horses, although we are not bathing at present due to water restrictions.

There is also a braai or picnic area for general use.

We have been fortunate enough recently to have had a motorized gate installed at the bottom of the property which helps for access control and safety of the horses and riders.

The use of all the above is included in your livery price. The only extras charged for are vet, farrier and whatever supplements you choose to give your horse. Jenny is no longer giving lessons herself, but there is an instructor available who gives both schooling and jumping lessons. Otherwise, you are welcome to bring your own instructor in.

We do have livery space available at the moment, full livery at R3450 per horse. We also have a block of DIY stabling available – please contact us for further information.